Excerpt From "Dynamic Tactical Training with Air Soft"

Now you can learn how to shoot faster and more accurately and more tactically for a lot less money and a lot less time using modern Airsoft Guns. In this program, you’ll see modern Airsoft guns that are the same weight and shape as the real thing! And, you learn how to use them in ways that will help improve your shooting! Imagine, being able to practice in your backyard or basement or even your living room (if you’re not married) shooting hundreds of airsoft rounds in the same time it would take you to drive to the range! You’ll practice grip, stance, sight alignment and sight picture along with trigger pull and first shot from the holster drills. Plus, you can practice target to target acquisition skills….all, of which, translate to better shooting with live ammo. These guns fit in your holsters and have the same grip angle and sight picture as the real thing….it’s just easier and a lot less expensive to shoot. And, the fact that you can shoot just about anywhere will improve your tactical skills tenfold!

Discover what the FBI, Secret Service and Special Forces already know… practice with Airsoft makes a lot of sense!



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