Firearms Training with Realistic Airsoft

Realistic airsoft is an excellent option for when you can’t get to the range to utilize live-fire training. Both cost-effective and entertaining airsoft is a perfect option to sharpen your self defense & tactical skills. Watch now to see how to effectively get the best out of your time.

Table of Contents:
Introduction and Benefits – 00:18
Why Use CO2 – 00:44
Training Pistol Shooting Fundamentals – 00:54
shooting fundamentals presentation
Why The Umarex Glock 19 – 00:59
Similarity With The Trigger – 01:30
Same Form Factor & Accessories – 01:46
Other Benefits To Airsoft Exercises – 01:59
Magnifying Mistakes & Training – 02:20
In Home Tactics – 02:52
DIY Reinforcing Targets – 03:05
Noticeable Areas Of Improvement – 03:34
Modifications and Consequences (WE DO NOT SUGGEST) – 03:46
4 Basic Rules Of Firearm Saftey – 04:19
Don’d Forget To Mix Up Training – 04:42
Conclusion – 04:58

Products Featured:
Umarex Glock 19
-Currently Solid In-Store Only
Other Umarex Products
Soft Air Colt Precision Airsoft .20 Grain BB’s
Crosman Copperhead CO2 Cartridges


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