Gangsters of Virtue Movie Short ©2021" Hold up I hear something" Starring, Steven Leroy Jackson

Gangsters of Movie Short 2021© all rights reserved ” Hold up here something! ” Starring , Director,
Steven Leroy Jackson

No one way hit, hurt, harmed or injured while acting in this fictional situation drama.

Warning ⚠️ My Weapon videos are all props and not actual guns. Do not 🚫 use these videos for criminal active or to cause harm to any individual. These videos are meant to be realistic movie magic working props for adults. I’m using $5 to $60 dollar airsoft guns and 6mm ammo. You should never never point a working airsoft bb guns at anyone’s face. Use eye protection when using for video or movie props. I used the Spitfire Tracer units for airsoft battles. I bored out the orange plastic barrel connector to fit a 10mm to 14mm CCW, Counterclockwise Barrel thread adapter. The adapter comes with the tracer unit. Now most any dollar store Airsoft 6mm BB gun or working AEG non thread barrel can be retrofitted to use with the Spitfire Tracer unit. Ingenuity of the film producer on a budget. Be careful a show respect for others. Thanks for watching the videos. If you enjoyed the video please hit the like button and subscribe to my video channel.

Gangsters of Virtue The Wise Sorrowful Hearts YouTube channel is only meant for the purpose of creating a free people
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The greatest street story never told!!!

Have the very best of Airsoft battles and friendly shooting competition. Here’s what you’ll need to have fun during the day and especially at night. Go to my YouTube channel to get a tutorial on how to make Movie props with $30 Airsoft BB guns, rifles and shotguns. You’ll have to be good to not get shot with multiple tracer rounds flying down range in your own home or backyard. A fun past time for those who like military style weapons.
For demos check out my videos on Twitter, Facebook youtube and instagram. Disclaimer Airsoft weapons are dangerous for children under 18. Make sure to apply proper Airsoft safety practices. Do not shoot anyone in the face or body who is not wearing Airsoft battle armor and is a proper combatant.


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