How a Navy SEAL Clears a Room I Training Your Kids

In this video myself and my kiddo run a CQC drill that incorporates Hallway Movement, Cross Cover, Back to Back, Button Hook, and other tactical considerations for this given situation.

Keep in mind that there are many avenues of approach. Whatever approach you choose as an SOP, it is important to understand the Pro’s and Con’s of that SOP so you can stay ahead of the enemy.

Air-soft is a tool that I have been using for a very long time for training my children. Although you cannot get the same actions such as recoil and manipulations, air-soft platforms have came a long way. It also allows you to save time with in home training as well as ensuring 100% safety for all shooters.

Training your children should be fun for all. As they get older, they learn that there is less fun and more work, however if you try and push your children at a young age, you will turn them away from the love of firearms and self defense training.

Disclaimer: When talking about pushing my son to the “CENTER” of the room he was clearing, I use this term as a baseline. Once we progress in tactics I explain to my son the difference between a doorway, threshold, an opening. You don’t want to add too much to their plate at once. It will cause confusion and discouragement. Simply focus on the basics until it is mastered and they are ready to take on more.

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