Indoor Shooting

Featured items and links below. No, I’m not affiliated.

I mentioned that function and controls are the same. I forgot to mention that disassembly is also virtually the same.

Beretta M9A3 Full Auto .177 BB Gun CO2 by Umarex

Colt 1911 Tactical CO2 Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol by KWC

STI/TTI John Wick 3 2011 Combat Master Airsoft Training Pistol by EMG

DPMS SBR Full-Auto CO2 Blowback .177 BB Air Rifle by Crosman

Gamo Rocker Pellet Trap (center shot resets all targets)

Crosman CSRT Metal Squirrel Reset Target

Sucker Punch

Always wear eye protection! 😎


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