Integrated Combatives for Concealed Carry

This training will consist of the tactics, techniques, and procedures that have proven themselves to be effective in self-defense situations around the world, in law enforcement, and on the battlefields during the global war on terror.

Green Ops brings a unique perspective from experience and study of the hand-to-hand combat system used by the United States Army, and in consulting with specialized military and law enforcement organizations around the nation.

This course condenses information gleaned from hundreds of interviews of civilians, law enforcement officers, and soldiers who have been engaged in close-quarters fighting.

Using an evidence and metrics-based approach, Green Ops will put you on the right track to prevail in the life or death situations where survival is measured in seconds and inches.

John is an active duty combat veteran with over 10 years of active duty service. He has provided integrated training solutions for national and multinational military services. As a civilian John taught for various private organizations providing training for service members, law enforcement, and every day Americans. He also served as an assistant instructor to Matt Larsen while training special mission and intelligence units for several years. As a competitor John is an international submission grappling medalist with experience in Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, and competitive shooting. As a student John holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Modern Army Combatives under Matt Larsen.

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Green Ops Inc is a Veteran owned and operated Defensive Firearms training Company based in Northern Virginia, TX and mobile to your location.


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