LaZouche Custom airsoft KWA Magpul Folding Pocket Gun review

A while back now I managed to ‘borrow’ this nifty bit of kit from a friend and atlast im able to show you the review…

Potted history:
The Magpul FMG-9 is a prototype for a new generation of folding submachine guns, designed by Magpul Industries in 2008. Like other folding machine guns, it would be used for concealed carry and can be disguised as anything from a small package to an extra laptop battery. It is made out of a light-weight polymer material rather than metal, making it very light and easy to carry. It is also small enough even to fit in the back pocket of most everyday pants. It was developed for potential use by personal protection details such as the United States Secret Service. As of 2014 Magpul has indicated no intention of bringing the prototype to production.

Airsoft version:
In 2010, Magpul Industries’ PTS (Professional Training and Simulation) Division in cooperation with KWA Performance Industries released the FPG (Folding Pocket Gun). The FPG is almost identical to the FMG-9 prototype, but contains the firing mechanism of an airsoft KWA G18c replica. The FPG fires 6mm pellets with a magazine capacity of 48 rounds.

After using this natty little beast I have to say it put a ‘big’ grin on my face. For within its belly lies the Glock18c full auto GBB pistol and when married up to this its fantastic fun.
The unit itself is very easy to use after familiarising myself with the basic functions and set up. Its about the size of a small pistol case and though not really concealable it can be mistaken for a recoil sprung dog walkers lead box. It however cannot be fired when stowed and isnt as useful as the MP5 ‘Kurtz’ suitcase sub machinegun.
Its made from very durable Nylon plastic and I doubt you will ever break the damn thing unless you drop a brick on it. Its easy to strip the Glock pistol out with no tools as far as I am aware (I didn’t get round to doing that bit).

A very fun and pleasing weapon to use but strickly for those who want everything ‘Magpul’ as its rather expensive and pointless for an airsoft skirmish (other than CQB or a LARP scenario) to be honest. Recommended though purely on the grin factor 😉

Hope you enjoyed the review and please if you have any questions then leave comments below and remember guys and girls…

Stay sharp but stay safe 😉


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