Playing Call Of Duty Warzone In REAL Life! (Airsoft Battle Royale)

Playing Airsoft In The Backyard Call Of Duty Warzone Style!

Battle Royale Style Game Mode With Off Road 4×4 Quads + Dirtbikes!

Last Team Standing Wins! @Call of Duty Warzone In Real Life!

Pew Pew Blasters used In this video

Alfonse – Custom Polarstar F2 MK48
Sidearm- G17 Gen4 Gas Blowback Airsoft Training Pistol by KWC
Aaron – VFC Series MP5A5 Airsoft AEG w/ Avalon Gearbox
Alex- Elite Force H&K Licensed MP7 A1 PDW Airsoft AEG by VFC
Zach- Limited Edition “Alpine White” KRISS Vector Airsoft SMG by Krytac
Hunter- Krytac LMG-E Upgraded By Umbrella
Sidearm- KJW SIG 226 CO2
My Friends Channels

Aaron And Alex-
Nick And Zach – Penn Twins Airsoft

This footage was filmed before Quarantine.

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