Police/Military Vets React: Airsoft For Law Enforcement Training?

Highlights from the first episode of Armed and Intelligent. Current and former military, law enforcement and executive protection professionals react and talk about the relevance of airsoft for law enforcement training.

Full episode can be viewed at https://youtu.be/WiSZ3KLKfPY
Below at the time stamps for anyone looking for something specific but if you have the time, try to watch or listen to the full video because there’s a lot of information here.

00:02 James’ bio.
05:21 Garrett’s bio.
07:33 Tom’s bio.
08:52 KWA At Home Self Defense Training Kit.
11:21 Tom’s opinion of that kit and previous experiences with airsoft products.
12:24 Tom teaches his son to shoot with KWA airsoft handgun.
13:53 Garret talks about the Elite Force Glock airsoft handgun and previous experiences with airsoft products.
16:55 Garrett’s thoughts on airsoft range time during lock down and enhanced dry firing.
18:31 James asks before you experienced the products you used, what were your thoughts about airsoft as training tools?
23:36 James confirms that prior to this encounter, they didn’t have the highest opinion of airsoft products and Garrett’s answer.
25:24 Tom’s answer to the same question.
27:07 Thoughts on someone who says “They play airsoft.” Garrett’s answer.
28:57 What do you think about the new PVT who says they’re an airsofter? Tom’s answer.
31:34 Struggles of being a unit level trainer.
33:55 How often does unit level training classes either have no training tools or live firearms but nothing in between.
35:08 What have you been using as targets and backdrops for airsoft target shooting?
39:05 Other than airsoft, what force on force training products have you used such as simunitions or paintball?
43:04 What are you still curious about for airsoft products as training tools?
46:22 Airsoft instructor course?
49:48 How I first noticed KWA when I was a cop and why they’re the best company for professional training.
51:22 Will Tom or Garrett start playing recreationally?
53:10 Would more airsoft blow back be good or bad for training?
54:55 How do airsoft AR15’s compare to actual AR15’s?
55:27 Ending stream. How to contact us. Tom had to leave early.

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