Pulse B1 – Blank firing grenade, with variable timer. For airsoft or military training.

The Pulse B1 is a new grenade made by engineers who play airsoft. They’ve collated everything they want from a grenade and combined it into one amazing grenade. Superb build quality, and with the option to vary the time delay from 0-120 seconds, so you can use it as a trip mine, or trick your opponents into a false sense of security …

You can buy the Pulse B1 online now – We ship worldwide.
Any questions, ask via email – info@fifewargames.com or follow FWG on Facebook – www.facebook.com/fifewargames

If anyone would like to caption our videos, or translate for other languages, please get in touch.

Thanks to our friends at EikCaffery Creative for filming and putting this video together – ask them to work on your next project, or see more of their work at: http://eikcaffery-creative.com/


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