Tac City Airsoft Boot Camp 7/26/11 Team S.O.R.F. 1080p HD

Part 1 of 2

Tac City Boot Camp is a training program put together by the staffs over at Tac City Airsoft in South El Monte. The week long program aims at educating starters the basic safety and rules of this sport. It also lets them get the feel of this sport in a more controlled enviroment. This week long course is specifically for Boot Camp students, it is not open to public. For more info check out www.taccityairsoft.com

Team S.O.R.F. was asked to be instructors at this event simply because of our MilSim style gameplay. They wanted us be an example of the many types of playing styles in airsoft. We were also asked to teach them some tactics, tips & tricks we have picked up from our airsoft experiences over the years. We are NOT tactical gurus and we dont act like we are either.

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Special thanks goes out to Tac City airsoft for giving us this special opportunity!

Disturbed – dehumanized (instrumental)
Disturbed – Sonsof Plunder


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