TFC M4A1 PTW – A first look

New to the market, and it seems like they have done their research.
TFC released an Airsoft PTW (Professional Training Weapon) M4 with Full R.I.S rail stystem and Military Spec Real Steel Enhancement parts.
This package is very solid from the specs below and fires around 300 fps out of the box and from our in house and field tests outranges everything else in store.
New generation Pro Win gearbox with easy n fast to change spring and safety for spring release and with an Aluminum Receiver that can withstand up to 70Kg this is really a robust performer.
Used by Taiwanese military and Special Forces for training purposes this product has seen the hardest tests in the toughest environments.
Metal Hop-Up Chamber, Ultimate Hop-Up Rubber, Tight Bore Barrel, Full Steel One-Piece Outer Barrel

Full Metal Construction with Military Spec Real Steel Enhancement Parts
Separate Design Metal Gearbox
Dissemble / take down like a real steel
Fully/Semi Automatic Shooting Airsoft Electric Gun (AEG)
Carbine Length in Black
Full Metal M4 R.I.S Carbine Airsoft AEG
Military Spec Real Steel Enhancement Parts

6.03mm inner barrel (363mm)
Separate Gearbox Design
Shooting around 300FPS muzzle power nicely straight out from the package

Aluminum Receiver
Full Steel One-Piece Outer Barrel
Can withstand up to 70Kg


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