THE BEST ELECTRIC AIRSOFT TARGET!? | Attack Sense Targets | Georaga Airsoft

Think your sniper is shooting at 100m?! BAM! Now you can literally see from a distance with a flashing LED.
Want to play some CQB without anyone else? BAM! Set these up and run your own courses through the app.
Want to go head to head with your mates? MULTIPLAYER MODES!
The team at Attack Sense came to Dragon’s Lair to show me their new target system and BY GOD! I genuinely love it.

There are a few other airsoft target systems out there that are super fun, but these are some of the first targets that I feel are financially accessible to NORMAL airsofters.
For 5 targets, the cost is the price of 1 gun these days and that includes mounts for trees and batteries.

Attack Sense Smart Targets:

I’m really excited for people in the uk airsoft community to start using these and to really test whether or not they are the best electric airsoft targets on the market for everyday players or fields.

Let me know what YOU think below!

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