User Review Elite Force 1911 Blowback 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, 1911 TAC, FDE/Black

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Elite Force 1911 Blowback 6mm BB Pistol Airsoft Gun, 1911 TAC, FDE/Black

Airsoft – here are all the airsoft guns ı have shown on my youtube channel from the most recent videos to the oldest ones.
ın the event of a headshot the scope overlay in this video has been moved away from target in an effort to avoid upsetting the delicate feelings of airsoft justice warriors around the world but in the unlikely event that any airsoft justice warriors do find reason to be so offended by people enjoying themselves with toy pew pews they they are triggered (reeeeee) and have to leave social justice threats in the comments section of this video their comments will be hidden from the channel. bıggest faıls & wıns of aırsoft 2020.
part 2 of the airsoft of dreams 2-part series – from george air force base in victorville california. big thanks to swamp sniper for the help with the airsoft battle videos.

Great gun for price better than the glocks that elite force makes.
Blow back makes you feel like your one with the gun when firing.
This is a great gun it fits perfectly with my m4, it has can fps around 340 to 350, it looks beautiful and fits good in my hand. If your planning to buy this remember to get silicone oil.
NOTE: This is the son of the buyer. All I have to say is that this airsoft gun is fantastic. It is my first airsoft gun, and I wouldnt necessarily recommend this for a beginner, but being a beginner, Im quite impressed.
The blowback action is flawless-so far that is. Ive heard that it locks back every shot like it does once you fire your last bb. Being an airsoft gun, theres barely any recoil, like, none.
Ive shot real guns before, and this is obviously nothing like it. The realism is awesome, and the blowback, just, no words. Its also co2 powered. The first time shooting it surprised me, but I hadnt shot it before.
Here are the pros and cons:Pros:RealisticAwesome Blowback actionFunThis is kind of part of realism, but its the airsoft model (and there are others) of the iconic M1911 A1ComfyA Co2 pistol, which is easier for me because I have experience with co2Adjustable hop upCons:The hop up is way off out of the boxAwesome fun, super realistic, and highly recommended!
As my first gbb I was vary pleased. It works vary well, though my only complaint is that the slide some times does not lock back. Andy mag leaks
I decided to purchase this airsoft piece for one reason alone: Cross-Training. Im a competitive shooter and carry a real firearm for self-defense.
I always emphasize the importance of being proficient and this airsoft gun would allow me to train more consistently and takes things a step further from dry firing with its blow-back mechanism that can emulate recoil and allow for better practice for trigger control and rhythm for double or triple-taps.
Its also great to practice drills to speed up the draw, sight alignment, and fire process.When I first got this piece, I was quite impressed with its aesthetics.
Its got a nice flat dark earth finish on the frame and matte finish on the slide. Manipulating the slide feels smooth as a real 1911 and the trigger is decent.
Not as crisp as many of the real 1911s, but it does a decent job.
The trigger weighs in about 5 lbs and the reset is audible, but kind of mushy.The gun comes with an ambidextrous thumb safety which is great for left handed shooters, however, the spring used for the detent to keep it on safe or fire is quite weak.
A slight tap can set it to safe or fire unlike my real 1911s that requires a little more thumb power to manipulate the safety.
So one of the things I had to do is to keep my thumb over or under the safety lever depending on whether I wanted to keep it in safe or fire.Mag changes are pretty easy with this piece.
The magwell could use some work or improvement whenever Elite Force decides to release a new version of this air-soft piece – mainly adding angled edges in the mag-well to guide mags into the frame with more ease.The sights are your standard three-dot sights; white, no fiber optics or any or that sort.
However, you may be able to change them out for others, but Id recommend not to considering the sights would cost you about as much as you pay for this gun.The slide comes with rear and front serrations that are gr…


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