User Review YAKEDA Tactical CS Vest Outdoor Training Vest Adjustable for Adults

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YAKEDA Tactical CS Vest Outdoor Training Vest Adjustable for Adults

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I was very hesitant after reading the reviews because I an actually 65″ 275lbs…. after about 5 minutes of putting it on, taking it off, adjusting, and repeating I was able to get a great fit!
Stitching seems very durable, velcro is of good quality (loudest may not be good for silent tasks)… I use mine as a tool when hog hunting and am in the woods for multiple days… my walther 9mm full size fit perfect with the spare mag.
Leatherman, extra flashlight, 2way radio, spare knife, wire saw, and hydration system fit very nice and the weight distributed nicely… do to my height the belt wont do me much good because the vest ends just at/below my belly button… but not a deal breaker for the price… even with 3 full AR mags I doubt the weight would be too bad as the vest design seems to carry the weight nicely (havent tried it yet)…. Im going to be using it this weekend on my last weekend of bow season and see how it holds up packed and in use as I have to walk a half mile to my stand… but from initial appearance and fit, I would definately recommend it to any recreational outdoorsman, bug out, prepper, etc type person… may buy another for a co-worker for christmas
To the Yakeda vendors , sorry it took so long for this product review . But I give this vest 5 ? and many , many accolades . I tortured this product all summer at the gun range !
It held up fabulously ! I am greatly pleased with it. Thank all of you at Yakeda , you make a great product . Would I buy more products from Yakeda , ?% yes !
Was very worried when i saw the time gap when it was expected to arrive but it arrived on time with a pair of gloves i had bought, though it showed it was still being sent; Lol, but for a Chinese product and company they delivered a quality product, sure abit of stitching issues came to bear manly the pistol holder but like any synthetic material object just take a lighter or match and melt it no problem, fits secure and nicely, no odor to it, but main zipper goes up and then kinda v-necks and drops an inch, doesnt like being fully zipped but more than bearable its big and chunky and reliable, and the shoulder pad is great the part that sticks out is some kind of silicone cored peace that is dense and unsmushable , but the rest of the pad is still firm yet squishy.
The Velcro and everything is quiet strong and tough, though when it arrived in its bag the little shotshell holder is in the pouch it rests on, at first being replaced by the yakeda logo pvc patch, Molle is strong on the back and the internal pouch is well made too, the drag handle is stitched on like a beast, the handle being rather tough nylon.
Not product related but on the company cards that come with it there is a load of spelling errors as you can tell they are still very Chinese lol, but if your not a fan of plate carriers id highly recommend this vest, only thing i wish is that it the pistol holster was strapped to two different sections and Velcroed into place.
Great quality actually. Buy it. Good velcro, everything is adjustable. Better than expected. Fits all my AR clips and 12 count springfield XD clips. My full size .45 XD fits just right in holster.
Out of box super. Im fAirly certain it will hold up for awhile. Buy some tactical velcro patches to personal it! Youll love it!
Just got the item and I love it! No damage at all. I love that the des…


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