Weapons Training – Disarming an Airsoft Gun – 1st Try – Garret

In this video clip, you get to hear about one of my 14 year old clients, Garret, who has been training with me a short while, but has shown some definite interest and drive to take his training seriously.

We have discovered that he really enjoys the weapons training, which most people are afraid of trying. So far, we have been working with edged and blunt force weapons…. and now, he is moving into projectile weapons. To start, he is learning some CQC Tactical Gun techniques for Gun Threat.

It’s really fun training with Garret, because he puts his fears in check and trusts that I am here to keep him safe but learning about the lost training of Real Self Defense. Sport fighting is great, but thats what it is. If you are looking for Self Defense knowledge, join us for some of our online live training we will be starting November 25th, 2016. If you are interested in watching a class and learning alongside live, grab a friend and get online with us.

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