Today, after years, I had the opportunity to train some cool stuff with my friend and partner James.

We are both quite rusty, that’s why we spent more time talking and sharing ideas, instead of “shooting” (airsoft for indoor training).

Here a short clip from one of our last drills…

2 officers (not special team or special forces stuff), right corner clean, an unarmed suspect controlled from outside…
Another suspect is armed and I engage him with 3/4 shots, when a jam occurs.
My team mate, that was controlling the suspect on the ground, react quickly taking my spot when I move back behind cover.

The malfunction was not staged, so it’s nice to see how James reacted without pointing the muzzle on me, taking action!

Sure we are going to train more together in the next future, mixing H2H combat, shooting and defensive tactics!

Ready to take all the opportunities that new year will open for us!!!


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