3-IN-1! Tracer, Chrono, & MOSFET! | AceTech iTracer System | Full Review Airsoft Megastore

New from AceTech is the next big piece of Airsoft technology: the iTracer system!

This set of three new high-tech gadgets will revolutionize your airsoft experience both on and off the field. The tracer unit not only lights your glow-in-the-dark BBs, but doubles as a sensor for the Commander Display. This device allows you to chrono, count your BBs up and down, and run ROF tests. There are even more options when used with the Shooter Control Unit, which gives you a low ammo indicator, magazine cutoff, low ammo warning system, and so much more.

This is a system for airsofters new and old, veterans and newcomers. The iTracer is a highly customization system for everybody and anybody who wants to make their gun and game their own.

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-This three-in-one set integrates the functions of a tracer unit, chronograph and multiple-round burst intelligent MOSFET
-High efficiency circuit and digital display communicate vial wireless signal makes everything work seamlessly
-Measures muzzle velocity (FPS/MS), energy (Joule), and ROF (RPS/RPM). You can keep a record of up to 25 recordings of your statistics
-BB-counting function can be used to keep track of how many shots you have left or have shot out (counting up or down)
-The Commander Display can be mounted on any standard 20mm Picatinny or Weaver rails and it displays reading while you shoot
-Power saving, standby, and an auto-power off mode help keep from wasting battery power
-Settable Shooting Control Unit (SCU) for multiple (1~20) round burst. Easy to adjust parameter and swap multiple-round burst/ full auto mode
-Low ammo warning + AEG battery indicator + low AEG battery warning ensures that your chronograph or batteries never fully run out

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