360Fly 4k Video Camera

How is it going fellow airsofters?!

I’m Just doing a short video test of the new 360Fly camera I bought.
It is a very cool camera and I am still learning how to make it work fully.
For some reason It only recorded this short clip.
Unedited and not modified except the video format to be able to post here as a 360.

VR headsets to my understanding work. If using moble you can move your phone around to change the point of view, cool huh?

It has a record time of aprox 90 minutes and a internal battery and Microphone.

If I can get this to work successfuly, Be on the look out for my use of this more at Milsim events for a WHOLE NEW video experiance as you will be able to see a 360×240 degree view of the field. Excited? I know I am, IF I can get it to work right.

For more information on this camera check out the link here


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