Airsoft Battle | September 9th Gameplay | Ballahack Airsoft Field

Ballahack Airsoft Field is one of the largest airsoft fields in the United States. We are located in Chesapeake Virginia on 99 acres complete with swamp, wooded areas, and a large MOUT Town. Ballahack Airsoft is owned by @swampsniper

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Check out Ballahack Airsoft Field in Chesapeake Virginia
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Our NEW Airsoft and Tactical Store in Virginia Beach – Ballahack Tactical
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Our Awesome Outdoor STORE – Ballahack Outdoor
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Ballahack Airsoft is open every Saturday and Sunday from 9am-5pm with all day admission at $30. We provide rental airsoft gun and gear packages as well as maintain a fully stocked airsoft proshop onsite.

The Field is located at 2900 Ballahack Rd. Chesapeake Virginia 23322.

HUGE thanks for watching and whatever you do, enjoy life to the fullest!

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