Here is the review of my ACR Masada! I apologize If I did some grammar mistakes, but I’m not english so please bare with me.
I’ve recorded this with my iPod Touch 4 and edited with Windows Live Movie Maker. I payed this gun exactly 200 euros from Titano-Store.com, and did the upgrade for 61 euros.

The bipod in the video does not come with the gun, it’s a separate bipod that i use just for these videos.

The music used in the intro is a song that I composed myself with another person, and the other one at the end is “The Walking Dead Metal Version”.

BUY THIS GUN FROM: http://www.titano-store.com/visualizzaprodotto/186/86/MASADA_TAN_(AeK).html
CHECK MY OTHER REVIEWS HERE: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF29EB254A8607DB7


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