ALG Defense AKT Review, AK Trigger

❌ ***Demonetized***
Tapco G2s are hard to beat, but I welcome any new AK products.

ALG Defense just recently released the AKT for the AK47/74 pattern rifles:

I got mine from Brownell’s for $50. Twice the price of the Tapco, but still cheap!

Definitely shorter and smoother travel than my G2. Trigger pull is less too. If you find an issue with the weight, you can increase it by bending the springs.

My biggest complain is the hammer’s side to side movement because of the reduced width on the pin hole/spring retaining legs.

I had to mod my Tapco retaining plate so it wouldn’t touch the hammer shelf.

I’m hoping the AKT-E has tighter fitment.

These count towards 922R, so that’s a plus!

Camera(s): Canon HF R500, GoPro HD Hero 3+ Black Edition, iPhone 6
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