ASG CZ P-09 Duty Airsoft Pistol Review REVISIT – Airsoft Station Review

ASG CZ P-09 Duty Airsoft Pistol Review REVISIT – Airsoft Station Review

I reviewed it a year ago and I never got rid of it, I like it that much and it has served me well and still looks good. I’ll admit though I rarely have to use it in game but when I have had to draw it I almost always get away clean.
Today we get another good look at this Co2 pistol and maybe we can share some words over the ASG P09 in the comments.

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The ASG CZ P-09 was one of those airsoft pistols I honestly didn’t think that I would like however whenever I first grabbed it from the box and got it in my hands, I quickly changed minds. Let me try to explain what made me see things differently.
The frame itself is made of a high grade polymer build that is formed smoothly while textures and grip applications wrap all around the pistol grip. On the frame as well would be licensed trades from CZ to give a bit of character to the pistol as well. The large controls such as the slide release and ambidextrous safety’s are also a huge pro to me which I love to see on any firearm and replica firearm.
The magazine, being of a Co2 type was also very well thought out with an easy break down to make insertions and extractions of cartridges fast and simple as it should be.
The takedown was that of a 1911 meaning it was simple to clean and maintain so as to keep the pistol preforming normally.
I found very little to pest about when it came to this pistol being as I only thought a gap between the magazine and the mag well was a bit annoying as it gave off a rattling sound whenever the pistol was shaken around with the magazine inserted.

I would say in conclusion that ASG made this CZ P-09 right and have very little to improve on here. Cleaning is easy, handling is fair, customization from an exterior standpoint is of the norm of tactical pistols, and usability is a bit above the average which together is a great deal for the $120 price tag.

Be sure to visit Airsoft Station with these links to follow the trail to where you can get one of these ASGs for yourself and be sure to leave a comment or any questions you may have there as well.

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