BCM 16" ELW Upper with 15" KMR

Update 01July2016: I finally got to weigh this upper with an accurate scale. The upper without a BCG and charging handle weigh 2lbs 15oz, with the BCG and charging handle it weighs 3lbs 11oz. Hope this helps out everyone.

he unboxing and initial impressions of the BCM 16″ enhanced light weight upper receiver as well as the installation of the BCM Comp Mod 1. My apologies for not having a more accurate scale, but from my cheap bathroom scale, the 16″ barreled upper with the 15″ KMR comes in at about 2lbs 12oz. I mated the BCM upper with my Smith & Wesson M&P 15T lower receiver and there is a little movement in the upper to lower fitment but nothing that is unacceptable. I’ve watched several reviews of the BCM KMR in the 13″ configuration and haven’t seen one yet on the 15″ version. I was originally going to purchase the 14.5″ barrel with the 13″ KMR but wanted the user serviceability that the 16″ barrel provides along with slightly more velocity. Overall I am very impressed with this upper receiver and how light weight it is. BCM is a top notch company and will receive my business in the future.


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