Beretta model 92 FS airsoft spring pistol – review and shooting test

Review of the Beretta 92 FS spring-operated airsoft replica pistol (0.5 Joule) made by KWC in Taiwan, sold by UMAREX (Germany).

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This excellent Beretta replica, made by KWC in Taiwan for various brands, looks like the real gun, but feels lighter (525 grams) than the original version, as it is largely made of plastic with a metal (zinc-alloy) slide to give it some heft. The build quality appears to be quite good, and the mechanical action (cocking the spring via the slide and trigger action) works well (pending durability after extended use). Some of the side levers are merely decorative imitations of the real version.

With its 0.5 Joule muzzle energy and low noise levels, it can be used safely inside the house for gun handling and target practice between range time, with a backstop consisting of corrugated cardboard layers or old newspapers. Definitely a fun shooter without the hassle of gas or CO-2 cartridges.

Note: this is NOT a toy in spite of the seemingly low muzzle energy with .20 gram BB’s: safety glasses should be worn while shooting this gun or any other airsoft guns to avoid nasty eye injuries in view of potential ricochets. The 6 mm airsoft BB’s will penetrate 1 to 2 layers of sturdy corrugated cardboard without problems at a distance up to 6 or 8 meters, or shatter glass windows.

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Check legislation in your country for replica guns prior to purchase.

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