Consumer Review: Daisy Powerline 426 Air Pistol

Daisy Powerline 426 Air Pistol – Daisy Powerline 426 Air Pistol

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This pistol is cool. Looks like a real gun and it’s fun to shoot. Can’t beat the price. You will need to buy some bbs and cartridges tho. There not to expensive. The pistols definitely 5 Star
I wanted a little plunking pistol, and this really fit the bill!
I havent used it a whole lot, but I put a CO2 cartridge in and shot about 30 – 40 bbs out of it, went away for a week, and it still had enough gas to fire another dozen or so bbs. Its noticeably weaker now, but Im impressed that the gas didnt leak out over that time period.
I havent fired it enough to figure out the guns sweet-spot in terms of accuracy, but Id say its fairly accurate out to 30 feet or so.Past that, a lot depends on the gas charge, as the bb velocity will affect the trajectory.
The BBs are pretty easy to load, and the feed works well. The Daisy Model 426 feels quite solid, somewhat reminiscent of my Smith & Wesson M&P 22. I was impressed by how well made it is for the money.
In my opinion it is a great little air pistol at a great price.
Im not into killing animals, so even though I have had the marauding neighbors dogs in my sights several times with my shotgun, I cant blame the dogs and I cant shoot the neighbor, so this has already worked for me this morning with a new strange dog coming onto my property and chasing my chickens.
Just one shot and got him in the flank area. I know it stung so Im hoping he wont be around again. Still waiting to see when the other two come around if it works on them.
Its lightweight, can carry it in my jacket pocket. Has just enough punch to work well and not really harm the animal.
Superior quality CO2 Daisy BB pistol with dead on aim! One CO2 cartridge lasts a long time. This Daisy is very accurate 0 to 45 feet and I consistently hit the bulls eye/paper target many times at this distance at 460 ft./second.
At $20, ignore all negative reviews and buy it. Also purchased gun oil, BB speed loader and 6,000 Daisy steel BBs. Highly recommended and a lot of fun in the backyard!
I’m very pleased with my Daisy Model 426 Pistol, durable, shoots very accurate, easy to operate, overall I’m a happy customer.
I like this a lot. I bought it just for practice and to keep down the cost of practicing with real bullets. It has a double action trigger pull for each and every shot.
I like that better than a too easy to pull single action trigger pull. The trigger is relatively smooth and offers a realistic amount of resistance and helps me work on trigger pull technique.
I have large hands, but the gun fits my hands OK. The gun weight is heavy enough that it feels reasonable for being a BB gun. Its a CO2 powered BB gun and its semi-automatic which gives me a more realistic practice session.
If I dont keep count of how many times I shoot its easy to tell when I shot a blank because the tone of the sound is noticeably different than when a BB goes down the barrel.
Its not a blowback model and I dont need or particularly want that action. This is NOT a toy and its not to be trifled with.
It can be dangerous because it will punch a hole through corrugated, galvanized roofing material even with the 2nd loading of BBs of a CO2 cartridge. The 3rd loading of BBs still make a significant dent in the same metal at 20 to 25 feet.
The sights are black and are hard to see against a dark target in low light or even against a white target in low evening light. If the sights are painted white that will be an improvement.
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