CYMA AK Review – 2 Years Later – A Great Starter Gun

I’ve never tried to make videos like this before and I have a lot to learn. I invite you to share your thoughts on how to improve videos like this one. If I omitted any information you would like to see in future reviews, or if you have a specific question about this product which was not covered in the video, please reach out. I have no life and will respond.

TLDW: CYMA makes great AKs and I recommend them for beginners, provided they are VFC clones and priced well (as they are at the time of this review).

I’m really poor and got this as a gift around holidays. It was a whole package with battery and charger, all for ~$150.00 if memory serves right. I was a little alarmed to see what the prices have risen to but so long as they don’t go too much higher I still feel this is a great selection if you like AKs or play at an outdoor field.

Eve played a huge part in making this video possible. My decrepit old Samsung phone camera definitely wouldn’t do. She was kind enough to donate her property, 2 phones, a quiet place, and her weekend to me. Check her out here:

Houseofcards32 has a handy AEG starter guide he posted on reddit. It made a bit of a feature in this video to verify that G&G CM16s are generally recommended to beginners. I implore you to read his guides on reddit and to subscribe to the man. He deserves it:

If you wish to skip straight to the AEG starter guide featured here:

HOC also made another updated guide shortly after I finished editing this video lol:

The information regarding model numbers and wether they are VFC clones or TM clones, as promised:

Thanks to Harris Heller, the man responsible for streambeats. More info here:

The final song in the video is the clear sky radio from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. Highly recommended, for listening and for playing. Buy it. Do it.

I don’t know what I’ll review next. I’m poor and the event’s of this year haven’t changed that. It’ll likely be something I already own. Elite Force 1911? Maybe I can mooch my friends CM16 for a few months? Who knows.


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