DIY Airsoft – The Novritsch SSG96: Pt 1 The Rifle

This week we’re kicking off a new series: DIY Novritsch SSG96!

This series looks to answer the question, Can you build a similar performing l96 sniper rifles for less than the cost of a Novritsch SSG96?

In this episode we discuss the plan for the project and take a look at the rifle I’ve bought, the Cyma CM706.

Gameplay Filmed at Gunman Airsoft – Tuddenham

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Music Used:
Probability – Monin
Synthwave E – TeknoAXE
Sunrise over Los Angeles – TeknoAXE
Die Historic – Three Chain Links

0:00 Intro
0:40 Introducing the Project
1:50 Why am I Doing This?
2:58 Introducing the Cyma CM706
5:13 What came in the box?
6:50 Externals and Features
11:00 How does it Perform?
13:03 FPS and Consistency
14:14 Teardown and Internals
15:13 Is the Rifle Skirmishable out of the box?
20:26 The next step


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