Double Eagle M50P Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review

Fatal reviews the Double Eagle M50P. Make sure to grab your own here:

This is the brand new Spring Double Eagle M50P Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun. The most popular Sniper Airsoft Gun just got better with a new Generation Bolt and a reinforced safety. Your targets won’t know what hit them. This fantastic airsoft sniper rifle is bolt action, meaning the bolt must be pulled back every time you want to fire a BB just like the real thing. The one piece precision metal barrel will give you high power pin-point accuracy and incredible range. The majority of this gun is metal. Only the stock and trigger guard are ABS, the rest of the gun (barrel, trigger, receiver, RIS rails, bolt and bolt handle) is metal. The rifle comes equipped with a picatinny rail so attaching the included scope is not a problem. And attaching a bipod is easy thanks to the metal rail located on the bottom of the gun.

— Spring Powered
— Bolt Action
— Tactical Laser
— Scope
— Adjustable Hop-Up
— Picatinny Rail
— Precision Metal Barrel
— Standard Metal Rail
— Full Adjustable Butt Stock
— 24 Round Magazine
— 550 FPS

Bolt action sniper rifles are always awesome to shoot. You can view our giant selection here:

Double Eagle is an inexpensive brand that is perfect for any beginning airsofter. Check out all of our Double Eagle guns here:


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