Elite Force H8R Review – Is This The Next BEST Thing? – The $60 Airsoft Gun

Elite Force H8r Review – Is This The Next BEST Thing? – The $60 Airsoft Gun – Elite Force H8r Unboxing and Review

The Elite Force H8r revolver is one of the most hyped up airsoft guns on this year but is it all really deserved or are you being lead to believe a myth? We’ll I was sent one of these “amazing” pieces to give my insight on its existence.
First thoughts out of the box would be that I was impressed with the build construction. For $60 I did not expect much but instead of a flimsy pile, I was greeted with a well put together body with no wobbling parts.
For features there is not much to talk about but the reloading process does stand out. The loading of discs that insert into the mock cylinder did turn me off from the H8r however in retrospect, they are very easy to load and you even receive 4 extra discs so you keep yourself stocked up during a somewhat heavy game.
The H8r does show itself as a sub $100 gun in a few ways but not to the point that it’s unusable. You have to pick your fights when using the H8r and not expect crazy feats of marksmanship however you should try to use the H8r as a close range option just in case of close by enemies that need to be taken out in style. Show some skill with a revolver in a game and you know you’ll feel the satisfaction of a good HIT.

Got something to say about the Elite Force H8r Revolver? Well let me know what’s on your mind down in the comments and maybe we can start a conversation.

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