Garner Reviews – "El Nodule" Full Custom Metal M4 Build (Leviathan V2, Tienly, MK Metal Gearbox) 🔥

In this video see Garner review the “El Nodule”.

The El Nodule is no joke, and the price reflects that. Built by our GBU certified technicians, if you are looking for an all in one full metal build (spec list below), then you have found the right one.

With a Leviathan V2 Mosfet installed (with bluetooth statistics of the blaster right to your phone) and 30,000 Tienly Motor, using an 11.1v battery this bad boy is pumping at an insane 370 FPS with 30 rounds per second fire rate. The trigger sensitivity is unbelievably nice and the accuracy is like a laser.

Available in store or on our website below


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