Glock 19X Unboxing & Review | Concealed Carry Channel

We’re bringing you another Glock and this one is the Glock 19X.

Today we give a detailed review of the Glock 19X, and we do a thorough comparison of the 19X to the Glock 19 and the 45. We’ll share our range experience and opinions of how it performed.

Join us to check out this Glock 19X, by the time we’re finished you’ll be informed and feel more confident in deciding if you’ll be adding this Glock to your collection.

We love providing you with honest reviews so you can make an educated decision for you and your family’s safety.

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0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Begin Review
1:21 – X-Hunt for X-Hunt Targets
2:20 – Unboxing Glock 19X
3:30 – Specs
4:06 – What’s covered in this review
5:36 – MSRP
6:46 – Findings at the Range
8:41 – Sights
9:24 – Slide
10:30 – Controls
11:00 – Mag Release
12:38 – Trigger
14:08 – Frame
15:30 – Safety
16:17 – Grip
18:52 – Recoil
20:02 – Accessories
21:27 – NW Armory
22:31 – X-Hunt Targets
23:03 – Bloopers


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