H&K Black AEG MP7 Airsoft Gun Review HD

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H&K MP7 Review In 720p60 HD, Great Beginners Gun.

Features* : H&K MP7 AEG airsoft rifle
Built-in hop-up BB system allows you to shoot for long periods without reloading
Integrated accessory rail
Detachable grip for convenience
Flip-up sights enable accurate shots
Heckler & Koch
Specs* : Velocity: 240 fps
Capacity: 180 BBs
Propulsion: Electric
Type: Rifle
Length: 22.75″
Caliber: 6mm
Action: Semi and full auto
Front Sight Type: Flip up
Rear Sight Type: Flip up

*Features And Specs Received From http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/ *


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