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Product Overview: The MP5 is one of the more common CQB (close quarters battle) guns that is in use in the airsoft industry today. This particular model comes with a fixed stock which makes it more stable than the collapsible stock models and can hold a much larger battery (in the stock) as a result. It comes equipped with a hi-cap magazine that holds 200 rounds.

Unique Features: One of the more unique features of this gun is the built in 3 shot burst in addition to the standard full-auto fire option which makes it a great choice for a CQB platform.

Suggested uses and applications: Since the MP5 is pretty much made for CQB, it makes sense that it is best suited for indoor use and closer quarters play like a MOUT site or even from building to building and room clearing.

Muzzle Velocity: Like most guns from Umarex, these are some of the higher quality MP5s on the market and boast a 380-410 muzzle velocity out of the box.

Rate of Fire: Like with any gun, the ROF depends on the battery voltage that you use but you can expect to get about 8 pounds per second with a 9.6 volt battery.

Safety Precautions: This is a pretty standard feature gun so there isn’t anything specific to be particularly cautious with. the Mosfet (digital brain that controls the firing of the 3 shot burst) might need some special attention if you want to modify the burst fire or the rate of normal fire.

Product Link: http://www.foxairsoft.com/airsoft-guns/rifles/electric-airsoft-guns/umarex-hk-mp5-a4-airsoft-gun/

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