HK MP7 VFC / Elite Force AEG Airsoft Review

The HK MP7 A1 VFC AEG is the highly anticipated new full metal high-end airsoft AEG in the MP7 format. This is not an AEP, but a full AEG custom engineered to fit inside the frame of the ultra-compact CQB HK MP7. Gun has all the upgraded bells and whistles you can imagine including a VFC mosfet unit. 11.1v lipo native battery ready. Compatible with VFC MP7 2262071 magazines (mags have a magnet that detect when it’s out of ammo, preventing dry firing – very neat!!).

Battery is tricky to fit, but it easy. Front-end over the barrel comes off easily, exposing the battery compartment. For now, you must use the 2211150 11.1v 900 mah LiPo battery. See video on installation. It’s not hard, just takes a little technique.

Barrel is 11mm CW threaded. Fits the Maple Leaf MP7 CW flash hider (drop-in). Quick-Change spring system allows for easy FPS changes.

FPS is around 350-370 w/.20 BBs.

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