How to Paint Your Airsoft Weapon

Hello My fellow warriors and welcome to this tech video.

In this video i will show you how i paint my airsoft weapons in a few simple steps.

Want to see the end result ?
watch it here :

NOTE: Results may be different due to kind of paint used and different camo tape used.

Step 1 : Preperations, buy some paint, buy some tape, determine what colors and what pattern you want to use.

Step 2: Tape it up, Tape off every part of your weapon you don`t want paint to go onto.
Important to Tape Up : Slide Catch / Hop Up Chamber entry, Magazine entrance, Inner Barrel / Outer Barrel, Trigger Mechanism.

Step 3 Put on Your Camo Tape

Step 4 Paint Your First layer of paint

Step 5 add more Camo Tape Layers if you want to.

Step 6 Add different colors in layers.
NOTE: Let it Dry out good before you spray on another layer!

Step 7 Remove Camo Tape Leave on Inside Protection Tape

Step 8 Clearcoat everything about 3/4 layers.

Step 9 Let everything dry for about 10 hours ( Longer is Better)

Step 10 Assemble Your Gun !

Music Credits:
Avery Alexander Tactical Music – Ratnik

While Painting:
Bensound – Creative Minds (Free Download Corporate Music) [No Copyright Music]
Music: Creative Minds by Bensound
Video Link:


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