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Product Overview: If you like the M4 variant but would like bit less bulk and drag in your rail system then look no further than the ICS M4A1 Tubular RAS. It offers a sort of modular rail system with slots in a long tubular free-float tube around the barrel. You simply add small rail accessory pieces to the tube and thus create your own custom rail platform with the least amount of extra weight. It quite the system for those “high speed low drag” operators out there.

Unique Features: The ICS flip up sights come standard on this particular model so you can throw those into position if your optic ever goes down.

Product construction: It has a full metal exterior construction with the ICS classic split gearbox design. the stock is made out of high density plastic polymer.

Suggested uses and applications: Sine this is a full length rifle, it it best suited for longer range play but with just a couple quick pins removed you can swap out the upper receiver and have a completely different gun.

Muzzle Velocity: This comes shooting at around 380, which is pretty common for the ICS M4 variant but with how easy it is to do a spring swap you can easily increase or decrease your muzzle velocity all by yourself.

Rate of Fire: With a 9.6v battery you should get around 11 rounds per second. You can easily increase this with a higher voltage battery.

Product Link: soon to be at http://www.foxairsoft.com

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