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Product Overview: The ICS Sig 552 is a fully traded Sig variant that offers a number of the most sought after features in the gun industry. 

Unique Features: The stock can get right out of your way with a simple side-fold action that makes it much more maneuverable when in a more confined space or in a CQB environment. The trigger guard also shifts to allow you to fit bigger fingers or gloves to move freely inside. 

Product construction: The rail system and externals come in full metal while the internals are the high quality full-metal that we have come to expect from ICS. 

Suggested uses and applications: We suggest using this as both an outdoor rifle and also a CQB rifle for shooting inside of buildings and other confined spaces. 

Muzzle Velocity: This comes shooting at around 360 out of the box which is pretty common for ICS guns. A little upgrade work can get this shooting right at the local field limits. 

Rate of Fire: The muzzle velocity will always vary depending on the battery voltage that you use but this one shot at around 10 rounds per second with a 9.6 volt battery. 

Things to Note: This is not an ICS Split gearbox design so mods, upgrades and repairs are a bit more work. 

Product Link: Soon to be at http://www.foxairsoft.com
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