JG BAR-10 2017 Airsoft Rifle Unboxing & Review VSR-10

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(If you’re looking to see if it includes a scope mount, it does.)
I take a major change in direction with this unboxing! Since its filming, I’ve had this rifle for a month or two and played at least 7 games with this. Stock, it can’t even hop .32’s. I’ve installed a nine ball bucking and AA hop-up chamber. Performance is alright. SO QUIET! A blast to use. I have an HPA conversion kit with co2 on board air supply system shipping to me right now. Barrel will be an EdGI 6.01 x 430mm barrel and with that, I should be able to sling .43g’s out to 275+’ effectively. Stay tuned for updates! I’ve grown a liking to the sniping platform. Bolt action or DMR is the question. I also have a hydra gen2 SVU OTS-03 in the works! Just waiting on wolverine to release pre-orders. Hope you guys learned something from the video or it answered some of your questions. Still have some questions, comments, or suggestions for future episodes? Message me or drop a comment down below. Hope you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you in the next video.


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