Kral Arms NP-03 (Full Review) PCP Backpack Gun (Puncher)

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The Kral Arms Puncher series of PCP air rifles now has a new addition! The Kral Arms Puncher NP-03 backpack gun. This powerful and accurate compact PCP pellet gun is just 22 inches long when broken down with the removable stock and shroud. Available in .177, .22, and .25 caliber, this versatile platform delivers excellent performance in an affordable package. The price tag of under $400 means this quality PCP rifle is within reach of most anyone! The Kral Arms NP-03 if a great value for anyone looking for a tactical style pellet rifle or an accurate and capable backpack or truck gun. This informative Kral NP-03 review with give you an up close look at this amazing PCP air rifle as well as accuracy testing out to 75 yards! The end of this Kral Arms NP03 review video also shows over ten different PCP air rifles from the Kral Puncher line of airguns! Thanks for watching! -Nate

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