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Product Overview: For those of you who are looking for something on the more realistic side of things, look no further than the KWA LM4C Professional Training Rifle. KWA has been making some of the best looking externals in the airsoft industry for a very long time. Well, now they have taken it a step further with the functionality and internals of this beautiful gas blow back.

Unique Features: Unparalleled external realism combined with the tactical realism of this rifle is one of the best reasons to buy this gun. It only has a 40 round magazine and offers bolt lockout when the magazine is out of BBs. The bolt functions and cycles just as it would on a real M4 so you can add that that extra level of realism when you train.

Suggested uses and applications: Since this is a GBB and shoots so hot and is focused more on realism, this gun makes for a much better training platform than a standard AEG like we are all used to. A perfect application for such an awesome gun would be to use as a training platform for law enforcement of private security firms.

Muzzle Velocity: This beauty shoots around 420 to 480 out of the box depending on the amount of gas in the mag, the temperature outside and the

Rate of Fire: this will vary depending on the amount of gas in the mag and the outside temperature but we got about 10 rounds per second in standard temperatures.

Safety Precautions: Try not to engage too closely with this gun because it does shooter faster than most guns on the market.
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