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KWA has done it again and shown that they are absolutely one of the airsoft industry leaders. Fox Airsoft is proud to announce the KWA RM4 ERG (ERG stands for Electric Recoil Gun). This new gun has one of the more interesting new forms of electric blow back in that it it is all independent from the rest of the guns features. This is not a “bolt” blow back like we have seen in the past from other companies. This recoil device is used for adding the recoil realism rather than just having your bolt piece blow back in some form of simulation that doesn’t add any actual force being sent back into the stock of the gun.

Another feature that makes this gun a great training platform is the “Real-Capacity” magazines at just 30 rounds. The proprietary mags look just like a your standard KWA mags but you can actually remove the internals of the magazine and switch the magazine over to a 60 round magazine for more common game play. One of the reasons for this proprietary design is one of the cooler features that we’ve seen form KWA, a functioning bolt lock that prevents the gun from firing without the bolt release first being pressed.

One of the things that makes this really convenient for us cold weather players is that there isn’t any gas that can go crazy. It’s all electric so there’s not anything to go wrong when you field it when it’s cold outside.

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