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Product Overview: The Lancer Tactical AK74U RIS is an entry level gun that offers a number of the best internals with a more cost effective composite material  

Unique Features: One of the features that is unique to this gun is the rail system that comes standard for attaching lights, optics and a number of other accessories that will help you in the field. 

Product construction: The externals are made up of high quality composite material while the internals are your standard full-metal gearbox and other workings. 

Suggested uses and applications: Since this is a smaller side folding AK variant, this particular gun makes for a much better CQB platform but can also handle pretty well outdoors. Your best bet to make this more effective outdoors is to add a tight bore barrel for the best range and accuracy on such a small gun.  

Muzzle Velocity: This particular model comes shooting about 370 out of the box but can be upgraded and modified. 

Rate of Fire: The rate of fire will always vary depending on the battery voltage that you use but this one shot at around 10 rounds per second with a 9.6 volt battery. 

Safety Precautions: Watch out for pinched fingers when closing the side folding stock.

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