Mantis X10 Elite Review: Unboxing, Inside Look and A Chance To Win!!!

Watch this Mantis X10 Elite review and see how the Mantis X10 works! Also follow the link below and enter a raffle to win!

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In this video:
Nik Farooqui, CEO/Director of Training Operations of S2 Strategic Defense gives a detailed inside look at the Mantis X-10 Shooting Performance System AND an opportunity to win a Mantis X-10 through our raffles/giveaways.

The video will cover:
– Unboxing
– Attaching The Device
– Inside Look at the Mantis X App (Set up and Training)
– Mantis X works in dryfire
– Mantis X on the live fire range using the Recoil Meter
– Closing Thoughts and How To Purchase or Enter To Win

The Mantis X-10 is a revolutionary training device that connects directly to your firearm, training gun or airsoft gun. With the device connected you will get graphical analysis of your shooting performance along with the ability to track progress, tips to improve and a variety of drills to perform.

Using the Mantis X is a great way to improve your marksmanship skills through it’s accelerometer and algorithms designed for shooting. The Mantis X can be used in Dryfire, CO2 or Live Fire modes which means you can use it at home, in the office, or on the range at anytime.

Dryfire training is one of the most effective ways of improving your firearms skills, but it requires a system of feedback to give you honest data, which is exactly what the Mantis X-10 provides.

Dryfire training can also be a bit boring and without direction, but the Mantis X-10 makes it fun, challenging, and gives you plenty of drills to work on.

In Live Fire mode, the Mantis X-10 will also give you the ability to record post shot information for improving Recoil Control. The Recoil Meter is a great way to learn how to have increased control of the gun with faster and more accurate follow up shots.

The Mantis X can also measure your holster draw in a detailed manner. Not just overall time, but the Holster Draw option allows you to see Time To Holster, Time To Draw, Time To First Shot and Overall Time. This allows you to see exactly what aspect of your holster draw you need to work on!

Overall, we find the Mantis X-10 to be an amazing tool for shooters of every skill level. It works flawlessly and is very simple to use. The data and feedback it provides is unlike any other device on the market. We enjoyed the Mantis X-10 so much that we reached out to the Mantis Team to get our dealer authorization, which is rare for S2 Strategic Defense. We are not retailers, we are training providers… but we found that the Mantis X-10 is a device that every shooter should have and want to bring it forward to all of our clients!


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