Packo Airsoft Channel Update 16/12/20

Hey everyone this is an update video on the future of the channel. I have many great videos in the works so be sure to stick around for that. I have knife reviews,.airsoft reviews, airsoft gameplay, vr gameplay and many more various video planned for the near future.

I will be removing some of my older videos in order to clean up the channel a bit. Some of those I will revisit. Others will be fine forever.

Aloe on withing I didn’t mention in the video is my business that I am currently starting up. It is going to be an online store where I sell airsoft upgrade parts and 3d printed parts. I wanted to further my knowledge of 3d seeing and make some cool external and internal parts that are going to be very affordable and the cheapest 3d printed parts on the market. If you read this far I thank you and strongly encourage you to subscribe!

Anyways guys thanks for all your support once again and I’ll see you in the next video.

The gameplay used in the video is pistol whip on the Oculus quest 2.


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