The $700 Plastic Airsoft Shotgun – Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 Review

The $700 Plastic Airsoft Shotgun – Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 Review

Since 1998 this Japanese made shotgun has been on the wishlists of so many airsofters including my own. I could have bought the shotgun itself at any time but one thing always held me back, the iconic folding stock. No respectful SPAS 12 owner can be truly pleased with his shotgun without this stock, in some cases it’s even more prized than the shotgun itself.
However finally after years of browsing, hunting, and networking, I can show off my newly acquired SPAS 12 that I cannot hold back but to show off as much as possible. With all the hype I have for this piece though, would I consider the price this semi classic airsoft replica demands as worth it? Does the steel folding stock and hook really make this a $700 airsoft gun?

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