The Novritsch SSG-10 (Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review)

The Novritsch SSG-10 (Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review)

Ever since the introduction of the SSG-24, time began to tick away for the second bolt action rifle release by the Novritsch team. So many opinions, facts, stories, and arguments have been shared for this second addition but I have my own thoughts to share.
This is my review of the Novritsch SSG-10.

The Novritsch Website:

Where to get the SSG-10 for yourself:

The Novritsch YouTube channel:

BrainExploder’s Accuracy fix video:

BrainExploder’s thoughts on the SSG-10:

Grizle Me’s Discussion video that I really recommend you watch:

Looking for some gameplay with this rifle? Here’s a link to a good friend’s video:

A big thanks to ZanB for allowing me to use his beautiful cover of Rammstein’s Mutter! Go watch the cello performance yourself!

Rammstein – Mutter covered by ZanB
The cover video itself:

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