The Ultimate NERF Shotgun: Domochevsky's "Rail Cleaner" 6 Shell / 4 Dart Flywheel Revolver Shotgun

Domochevsky’s Rail Cleaner (also known as the, “Schienenräumung”) is the best NERF Shotgun you can get your hands on… and it’s only in the beta stages. A Flywheel Shotgun? Revolver? 4 darts per shell, 6 shell capacity? It’s legit this time, spitting a wad of darts out of a shell at NERF Rival Ranges… the Rail Cleaner is absolutely incredible as a blaster that’s going to fundamentally change the way the game is played. Also, it’s one-handed, so you can dual wield it.

If you want to pick up an early beta unit (or stalk for when there’s a full release):
Domochevsky on Twitter:


Fan Mail Address:
1673 S. Market Blvd #10022
Chehalis, WA 98532

About Walcom S7:
Building things that shoot foam darts incredible distances, extremely quickly, in insane quantities.
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Walcom S7

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0:00 Opening
1:53 What even is the Rail Cleaner?
3:40 You can Dual Wield It.
4:02 Empty the Cylinder.
5:25 How It works.
6:10 Range/Spread Testing
8:12 Why it’s SO GOOD.
9:08 Hidden Feature of the Rail Cleaner
9:47 The Future of the Rail Cleaner.
11:50 Does it require a bunch of crazy hardware?


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