Unboxing One of The MOST HYPED Airsoft Guns of 2020 – Modern Warfare 2 & Battlefield Nostalgia

Unboxing One of The MOST HYPED Airsoft Guns of 2020 (Modify PP-2000 Unboxing) – Instant Modern Warfare 2 & Battlefield Nostalgia

What’s better than one of the MOST HYPED Airsoft guns of the year being sent to your door? How about 2 of them and every accessory for them? Modify Airsoft didn’t skip anything for this unboxing, they wanted to make sure I had everything needed to make as much content as I wanted for the first ever Airsoft PP-2000!
And as a bonus, I’m gonna give one of these Russian SMGs away to one lucky person in the world.
This just might be a $900 package but it’s definitely not all mine, I have to treat the people to got me to where I am after all.
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Gotta show some love to my friend @Fortunate for this old school PP2000 gameplay!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDWA_LP8Iyg

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