User Review: 500 fps new wg airsoft 1911 non blowback gas co2 hand gun pistol w/ 6mm bb bbs(Air… – 500 fps new wg airsoft 1911 non blowback gas co2 hand gun pistol w/ 6mm bb bbs(Airsoft Gun)

500 fps new wg airsoft 1911 non blowback gas co2 hand gun pistol w/ 6mm bb bbs(Airsoft Gun)

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At first, the pistol looked great, no flaws, very detailed like I had wanted and just as it presented, had to send it back due to some minor errors, but they sent me replacement that worked wonderfully!
When it arrived, i saw that the box was badly dented (inside a padded envelope that showed no damage), but the damage appears to have only been to the box itself.
I had trouble opening the compartment for the CO2, even after reading the instructions, but it turned out to just need a little more force than Id wanted to use on plastic.
My old Airsoft pistol needed the puncture screw tightened quickly once it had started to puncture the cylinder, but this one sealed much faster, much less loss of gas.
The magazine inserts and ejects smoothly. This is one that ejects a bb into the gun as soon as the magazine is inserted, so you may have a loose bb when you eject the magazine.
I was happy to discover that it accepts the magazine from my old Airsoft pistol, which had suffered a frame failure. A spare magazine is nice to have, and theyre expensive.
The safety is intuitive and solid. This gun came with a little bag of 100 (I think) .20g bbs, though no CO2. Compared to my old gun, its considerably heavier (646g fully loaded), feels more solid, and seems faster.
Aside from the orange tip (which I would certainly never advise anyone to remove) it doesnt look like a toy. If, like me, youre a fan of plinking but live in a place where your .22 might upset neighbors, this is a great alternative.
Its cheap to shoot, safe (dont shoot your eye out! ), and reasonably accurate. This could be a good deterrent to small pests, scaring them without doing them any real harm.
Nice. Packs a good punch and is accurate for an airsoft pistol. Would buy again.
If your gun isn’t shooting the BBs don’t fill the clip all the way up because if you do you will lock the clip and nothing will come out so don’t fill the clip all the way up Fresh Co2 is way more powerful
Excellent quality! Great for the price! Very durable! Easy to exchange the CO2 canister!
Gun is awesome and works well. Thanks.
We can’t wait to use it for target shooting. My son loves to shoot targets. He has already purchased a mask and more CO2 cartridges so he will be ready to shoot and/or go to battle.
As my first airsoft pistol, it worked well and was quite accurate and shot hard. It may not be the full 500 fps that it claims but 400+ at least. I recommend that you get magazine quick reloaders so it doesnt take long to reload the mag.
Other than that, good pistol even dropped it in pond and still works.
This gun does shoot close to 500 fps. Bullets travel very far and fast! CO2 will last about 15 magazines which is a lot.I know 20 and 25 gram work very well.
Metal internals Give the gun a good weight but the outside is all plastic. Would be suprised if the thin duck fin doesnt break off soon. Other than that great gun.
Hard to find extra mags that fit the gun tho. The othe…


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